Frequently Asked Questions


Do you charge by the hour or by project?

We generally charge by project, however our extensive range of services can be tailored to fit your needs, and itemized so that you can select exactly what you want done.

Are you fully insured for liability?

Yes - We are fully licensed and insured. Read more and view our policy here.

Will you provide a written contract?

Yes - our service agreement provides you with a detailed scope of deliverables for your move before we start, so that you know exactly what to expect. This agreement is signed by both parties and is legally binding.

Do you provide a customized floor plan?

We create a floor plan for your new home so that movers know exactly where you want your furniture placed. We can take pictures of the contents of your cabinets so that we can set things up in your new home just the way you like them.

Do you provide organizing, sorting and downsizing services?

Yes - for those seniors who choose to age in place, we can definitely help you organize your home to be safe and comfortable for you. We specialize in navigating the issues of downsizing. We guide you through the process of choosing the most important and practical items for your new home, as well as what to donate, sell or store. We sort and pack room by room.

Do you arrange for the profitable disposal of unwanted items?

Yes - we can arrange for appraisals of antiques and larger items and hold an estate sale. We catalog, price and organize your unwanted items for maximum profit. We document and arrange for donations of items that cannot be sold, ensuring you a nice tax deduction as well as helping someone in need at your favorite donation center.

Do you interview, schedule and oversee movers?

Yes - I have a list of trusted service providers I work with regularly. I contact the movers to schedule, and oversee the entire move from start to finish.

How is billing arranged for the movers?

Billing for the movers can be arranged in two ways: either I pay them and bill you at cost, or you can pay the moving company directly. You choose.

Do you pack or do you hire a moving company to perform the packing?

We are trained and experienced in packing and labeling items to be moved ensuring nothing gets lost or broken during the process. Fragile items are carefully packed and marked. We take a complete inventory of items being packed for storage, with clear labeling for easy retrieval. We will ensure irreplaceable possessions like photos and family heirlooms are not lost or mishandled during the move.

How long does the process take?

We break the moving process down into manageable steps by creating a move timeline and plan of action. Ideally we like to start and finish within 8-10 weeks, depending on the size of your home. If you need a different schedule, we will work with you to provide the best outcome for your needs.

Will you handle transfer of my utilities, mailing address, etc.?

Yes - we will arrange for the transfer of all your utilities, cable, and also contact the USPS on your behalf.

What other services do you provide?

Expert decluttering and organization for those who choose to age in place as well as minor repairs & touch ups to prepare your home for sale.

Do you completely unpack and set up the new home?

Yes - We will carefully and completely unpack and set up your new home, paying special attention to things like mobility safety precautions. We also make your bed!


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