We specialize in navigating the issues of downsizing and moving.  We'll gently guide you through the process of choosing the most important and practical items for your new home and help you decide what to donate, sell or store. 

We sort and pack room by room. Fragile items and family heirlooms are carefully packed and marked, with a complete inventory of items packed for storage, with clear labeling for easy retrieval.

Decluttering & Packing
COLLAGE - declutter pack.png

We break the moving process down

into manageable steps by creating a move timeline and plan of action.  We create a floor plan for your new home so that movers know exactly where you want your furniture placed. 


From hiring movers to calling utility companies and more - we're here for you every step of the way!

Move Management

We will carefully and completely unpack and set up your new home, paying attention to things like mobility and safety precautions.


We'll even take pre-move pictures of the contents of your cabinets so that we can set things up in your new home just the way you like them!

Unpacking & Organizing