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Insurance and Liability at Serene Transitions

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

As with any business, there is an element of risk associated with dealing with clients and their belongings. And as with any activity, there is risk of injury to persons or property. That is why we carry the best insurance tailored to our industry.

As a property owner, your homeowner policy is the best protection for your personal belongings. It should provide replacement cost and is the best place to schedule items that, due to their age or rarity, should be scheduled. These can include, but are not limited to, antiques, jewelry and fine arts.

We require that you have a homeowners’ insurance policy in force to cover the contents of your home, and that your policy be the primary policy for any property damage claim, and not that of Serene Transitions.

We are fully licensed and insured to handle most of your belongings as we prepare you for a move. There are, however, a few items we will not handle, and you must either pack and transport those yourself or make other arrangements for them. These include:

Firearms and ammunition (contact local police department for guidance)

Swords and other weaponry (contact local police department for guidance)

Cash, checks and credit cards

Stocks and bonds

Jewelry including precious and semi-precious stones

Precious and semi-precious metals

Coin, stamp or other such collections

Illegal drugs of any kind




Oxygen tanks

Serene Transitions treats each client with the same level of care as we do our own family members. That is why we carry the best insurance coverage tailored specifically to the move management industry.

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