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10 Tips to Make Moving Easier

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Moving is often near the top of those “the most stressful life events” lists, especially for older adults. A successful move is no small feat! Although moving can be overwhelming, I’ve gathered some tips and tricks during my years in the move-management industry that can make it far less stress-inducing.

Moving Tips

Whether you’d like Serene Transitions to coordinate your move to assisted living or are embarking on a move by yourself, here are 10 tips to help make the transition smoother:

Tip #1 - Declutter as much as possible before your move

Start early with the decluttering process! We recommend beginning to declutter a few months before a move, or as soon as possible if your timeline for moving is more accelerated. Need some tips on how to start? Our Decluttering 101 blog post offers an easy method to approach decluttering.

Tip #2 - Create and refer to a floor plan of your new space

This will help you see which furniture items will fit …or not. If you work with us, Serene Transitions will acquire the floor plan for you and help you strategize.

Here's a picture of a floor plan we did for clients we helped move to Brightview Senior Living in Canton.

Tip #3 - Pack boxes room by room

Separating your items by room makes the unpacking process much more manageable.

Tip #4 - Label your boxes with the destination room

Label your boxes with the room to which they’re going and a description of the box’s contents. It helps to label the sides of the boxes as well as the tops so you can still read them if they’re stacked.

Tip #5 - Special padding and packing

If you’re moving expensive objects, art, or furniture, ask your movers about special padding and packing, or let Serene Transitions know which objects require extra care and we’ll take care of the rest.

Tip #6 - Moving Supplies

Put moving essentials, like tools and tape, in a clear box or bag that you leave out for easy access.

Tip #7 - Pack an overnight bag

Pack an overnight bag with everything you’ll want immediately in your new home, like a toothbrush and other daily essentials. This way you won’t have to stress about locating necessities when you first arrive.

Tip #8 - Take pictures of how things are assembled and connected

For example, take a picture of how the cords in the back of the tv are plugged in before taking them apart to move. If you work with Serene Transitions, we’ll take photos to refer to during the unpacking and reassembly process, including how your cabinets look, so we can set things up just the way you like them.

Tip #9 - Give yourself adequate time

Take the time to plan and pack for your move so you don’t feel rushed. You can start decluttering, packing, and labelling off-season or infrequently used items well before moving day. Breaking big tasks down into smaller steps helps reduce overwhelm.

Tip #10 - If you're downsizing

If you’re moving into a smaller space, check out our blog post on how to downsize for additional guidance.

Support in Your Move Serene Transitions specializes in navigating the issues of downsizing and moving. We'll gently guide you through the process of choosing the most important and practical items for your new home and help you decide what to donate, sell, or store. We help you coordinate every step of the process — from planning what will fit in your new space, to hiring movers, to overseeing moving day, and beyond.

We sort and pack room by room. Fragile items and family heirlooms are carefully packed and marked, with a complete inventory of items packed for storage, with clear labeling for easy retrieval.

We break the moving process down into manageable steps by creating a move timeline and plan of action. We create a floor plan for your new home so that movers know exactly where you want your furniture placed.

From hiring movers to calling utility companies to the myriad tiny details a move entails, we're here for you every step of the way! Once we’ve moved your belongings to your new home, we will carefully and completely unpack and set up, paying special attention to safety and mobility.

If you’d like to talk about an upcoming move, please reach out via email or call me directly at 617-320-4464. I’d love to support you in making your move as stress-free, efficient, and serene as possible.

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